About Us


Willo was the last pick of her litter

of 5 - two boys and three girls. And I didn’t know she’d be coming home with me until 3 days before I picked her up. When I got to the breeder’s home to pick her up, after all the other puppies had be spoken for, the breeder whispered to me, “you’re getting the best one.” I didn’t really understand how she knew that just based on Willo’s 8 weeks of life, but now I know she was right. I don’t think anything was more meant to be in my life.

Willo is a mix between the sweetest dog who loves to cuddle and will spend the majority of her time laying on top of me, and a girl with so much spunk and attitude that I can’t help but laugh, even when she’s barking at me or running from me when she’s in trouble.


her passions include

rolling around in fresh cut grass, and eating. She loves eating so much that she howls from joy when she eats, and that quirk has gotten her a lot of attention on social media.


I’m Willo’s mom

Devon… I’m an Arizona native working in advertising. I am a graphic and website designer, and I have a passion for photography (although I am definitely and amateur). Right now my greatest joy is taking care of my pup Willo, and I can’t wait to see where life takes us.