Our Story


Willo’s entrance into my life was both thoroughly thought out and completely spontaneous. It came with a lot of stress and anxiety and wasn’t always easy, but in the end it was so worth it. Mine and Willo’s story is one that seemed to have been written in the stars. I was so lucky to have found her and to be chosen to be her mom.

I have been obsessed with corgis for over two years now, and I knew one day I’d have one of my own. But I didn’t plan to actually take one home for a few more years, once I was “ready.”

Less than a week before Willo came home with me was just a typical Friday night when my best friend texted me a photo of a corgi puppy. This puppy was at the mall *sigh irresponsible breeding* but it sparked something inside me that made me really want to have a corgi pup in my life right then and there.

I had a breeder all picked out, and had decided that the next time they had a littler coming I’d apply to be chosen to take one home.

That night I just decided to check the breeder’s site, which I did regularly, but to my surprise they had a litter available that they had collaborated with a partner to breed. They had 3 females left and were currently accepting applications. I spent my entire Friday night filling out this extensive application, submitted it, and waited in anticipation.

When I didn’t hear back all weekend I decided to reach out via Facebook to confirm what I figured was that they had already chosen homes for the 3 girls they had left. When the breeder responded, she told me that they had one girl left, the last pick of the litter, that they hadn’t matched to a home yet. I expressed my interest and told her I really trusted them as a breeder and won’t want to look elsewhere. I think that’s what made her decide to choose me for the last pup. She asked if I’d be able to take her home that Thursday (3 days later) and I said OF COURSE!


When I got to the breeder’s home that Thursday night she opened the door with what would be my puppy in her arms and whispered, “You’re actually getting the best one.” She told me if she could have kept one, it would have been her.

I was at her home for a while, talking and filling out paperwork, and my poor puppy was crying the entire time because it was dinner time and she couldn’t eat yet for fear of her going potty in my car on the way home. I didn’t realize how special she was yet, but I should have realized how much she loved food.

Just 8 short months later I’m amazed by how sweet she is, how much personality she has, and how she’s had the ability to capture so many people that have fallen in love with her on social media. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be a good dog mom or that I would get tired of caring for something other than myself, but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Some people wait years to get the opportunity to adopt a corgi, but Willo came into my life in less than a week of me deciding to take her home. It’s crazy wonderful and I feel so lucky to have her.