Spoiling My Dog with Food: What I Feed Willo

I want to start this off by saying my dad has been known for putting more effort into feeding his dogs every day than he does into feeding himself (or me for that matter) and I always VOWED not to ever feed my dog that extravagantly. Until I got one... 

I still don’t feed Willo the gourmet “chipotle bowl” my friends have been know to call my dad’s dogs’ meals (white cod filet, white rice, kibble, mixed veggies and sometimes added sausage) but I am pretty close.

I want Willo to be healthy AND I want her to enjoy her food. While I do switch her food up a bit, this is what I feed her on a typical day:

  • 1/4 Open Farm Kibble - that we alternate from Beef, Turkey & Chicken, Whitefish, and Salmon

  • 1/4 Open Freeze Dried Raw - Willo loves Chicken, but she also gets Surf and Turf, Turkey, Pork, Lamb or Beef

  • 1 scoop of Fera Pet Organics Probiotics at dinner - because we’ve had a share of upset tummy scares and I don’t want any more

  • 1 scoop of BioVet Skin&Coat at breakfast for Willo’s allergies - it is a bioflavonoid based antihistamine that targets histamine receptors—where the central allergy response takes place

  • Kin and Kind Raw Berry Boost - UTI support and it looks yummy & pretty

  • 1/4 cup of mixed veggies

  • A splash of bone broth for dogs to top it all off, and to hydrate the freeze dried raw (I use Brutus Bone Broth or Open Farm)

And that’s it! …usually.

I also love all of Kin and Kind’s supplements but I don’t want to overpower all of Willo’s food with powers and such, so occasionally I will ad in others. The nice thing about Kin and Kind is there supplements aren’t powdery so I imagine they taste better.

I will change up the kinds of veggies and meats I feed Willo, I just try to keep everything to a 1:3 ratio.

Other things I feed Willo include:

  • 1/2 of a cut up salmon patty from Costco

  • Kin and Kind Coconut Oil - for a healthy coat and skin

  • Snap peas

  • Green beans

  • Blueberries

Now enjoy some photos!


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